Welcome to Solano Republic Women Federated


Carolyn Cotton

The Solano County Coucil of Republican Women, later named the Solano Republican Women, Federated, held the founding meeting on Tuesday, April 26, 1949, in the Old California Room at the Nut Tree in Vacaville, when fifty or more members were enrolled and the officers elected.

The sponsoring group included: Mrs. J.E. Knott, Davis, organizational chairman for the California Council of Republican Women in the 3rd Congressional Desitrict; Miss Elsa Widemann, Vallejo, who was the president of an earlier Republican women's organization in Solano County in the mid 1930's; Mrs. Wayne W. Woodward, Sr., and Mrs. Kenneth I. Jones, both of Fairfield; Mrs. Frank McKevitt, Vacaville, and Mrs. Marijorie H.E. Benedict, Berkeley, Republican Committeewoman for California.

Other Activities

  • Reach Out and Read - Children's Literacy Program
  • Voter Registration at Solano Republican Committee Headquarters
  • Staffing the County Republic Headquarters
  • Dedication of Veterans Cementary in Dixon
  • Fisher House*

Mrs. Knott spoke on the perliminary planning and coordinating that preceded the founders meeting. After some discussion of intent, purpose and future action, the officers were elected. They included: Mrs. Frank H. Fowles, Vallejo, president; Mrs. Albert Porter, Vacaville, first vice president; Mrs. William Jerome, Benicia, recording secretary, and Mrs. George Wrigley Dixon, treasurer.

Other officers were chosen following the adopting of the by-laws at the next meeting, held at the Suisun Wednesday Club on June 6th. They included: Mrs. Harry Gamble, Suisun, second vice president; Mrs. Otto Recknagle, Vallejo, corresponding secretary; Mrs. Joseph Richards, Rio Vista, parliamentarian, and Mrs. Vincent McLein, Fairfield, Auditor.

Lieutenant Governor Goodwin Knight was the guest speaker at this meeting and several officers of the California Council also attended. The by-laws were presented by the committee composed of Mrs. Kenneth I. Jones, Fairfield, chairman; Mrs. H.C. Hamilton, Rio Vista; Mrs. Wayne W. Woodard, Dr., Fairfield, and Mrs. Fowles. This committee conferred with the sponsor, Mrs. Knott, in forming the new by-laws, which were adopted.

More than 60 new members were enrolled at this meeting and an enthusiastic program for future growth adopted with the appointment of a county-wide membership committe composed of: Mrs. Harry Gamble, Suisun, chairman; Mrs. H.C. Bolter, Vacaville; Mrs. Harry Peterson, Sixon; Mrs. Wayne W. Woodard, Sr., Fairfield; Mrs. Melvin Ellis, Vallejo; Mrs. George McKay, Benicia, and Mrs. Clifford Hamilton, Rio Vista.

Mrs. Kenneth Welch, Vallejo, was appointed chairman of the over-all publicity committee to be assisted by community representatives, namely: Mrs. Frank McKevitt, Jr., Vacaville; Mrs. Arthur Garben, Suisun; Mrs. F.B. Dunnecliff, Dixon; Mrs. David Weir, Fairfield; Mrs. Douglas McCormack, Rio Vista; Mrs. Alfred Johnson, Benicia, and Mrs. H.R. Madeley, Vallejo.

Mrs. Porter, the vice president, was appointed program chairman and Mrs. Emma Jane Timm, Dixon, was named chairman of legislation.

The third meeting of the new club was held at the Casa de Vallejo Hotel in Vallejo when Mrs. Marjorie H.E. Benedict, Republican National Committeewoman for California, was the guest speaker. The president and several members attended the annual convention of the California Council at the Shattuck Hotel in Berkely on November 15, and the first year was ended with more than 200 members reported at the quarterly meeting in December.