David Wolfe 7 Aug 2017

David Wolfe
Specialties: Propositions 13, 218, Proposition 26 implementation, and the state budget. Tax policy, especially relating to jobs and the economy. This includes: regulations, broad-based tax categories, California compared to other states, pensions, and bond debt. Tax reform including tax credits and the overly progressive nature of California's income tax. Property rights including eminent domain abuse, rent control and redevelopment.

Monitor hundreds of pieces of legislation as the official lobbyist at the Association by writing position letters and testifying in legislative committees.

Worked on various campaigns, including Proposition 98 (eminent domain) in 2008 and Proposition 1A (tax increases) in 2009 doing coalition building and communication outreach with various impacted interests. In 2010, I was actively engaged on five propositions (20, 21, 25, 26, 27) directly on behalf of the campaigns doing radio and print interviews, speeches before different groups, and writing letters and articles for print media.

Compile an annual Report Card scoring all 120 members of the Legislature on issues important to HJTA.

Routinely represent the Association at various bi-annual Republican/property rights conventions. Regularly speak to Republican and taxpayer groups.

Coordinated a Taxpayer Group conference in 2008, featuring the participation of over 25 different groups from across California. This was the first time in recent memory local taxpayer groups were able to gather together to share insight and ideas.