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Active Shooter Program 5 Nov 2019

Active Shooter Program from Fairfield PD for the 05 November 2019 Luncheon

Erin Cruz 7 Oct 2019

Erin Cruz









Erin Cruz
Erin Cruz is a strong conservative whose priorities include a strong national defense; enhanced border security, economic growth, fiscal accountability and transparency, and protecting taxpayer interests.

Erin Cruz is a mother and widow of internationally renowned scientist, Rene Cruz, PhD. Mrs. Cruz is a native Southern Californian, born and raised. She is an entrepreneur and savvy business woman who is fed up with the political status quo of politicians putting politics before the needs and will of the people.

For Erin, a Native Californian, watching California deteriorate is deeply concerning. From crumbling infrastructure to rising homelessness, rising crime to out of control spending, the constant barrage of tax burden placed on the people is out of control. We need a solution to the division among social and political groups to get the work done.

Erin Cruz knows communication is key to solving the issues of our communities, the state, and the nation. Her passion for the people led Erin to Author Revolution America, a political and business communication book geared toward women. She is also Author of the book Crushing Corruption, Producer and Host of The Erin Cruz Show; she is Founder and CEO of the All American community advocacy and humanitarian organization, Restoring America Now, Inc. and Founder and CEO of RAN Action Fund, Inc., which is geared toward realizing change within our communities and across the nation, for all residents.

Erin is currently running for United States Congress in District 36 to help bring back balance and true representation for all Americans in the region. Her motto is: People before Politics. Liberty before Legislation.

Mrs. Cruz is a Tea Party Republican and Classical, Constitutional Conservative with the ability to transcend traditional Party Lines. In 2018 Erin Cruz ran for the United States Senate in California, uniting Grassroots activists across party lines. Erin Cruz was the only U.S. Senate Candidate out of 31 people to be endorsed by a political party.

Mrs. Cruz believes big government has grossly overstepped its bounds. Second only to putting God back in schools and restoring strong family values that are lacking across the nation, she sees Less Tax, Less Regulation, Less Government as the only true way for our nation to get back on track.

Erin reminds people often: Government does not give you or grant you rights. The Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, and Bill of Rights secure our unalienable rights as given by God.

Erin Cruz believes now is our time to come together, to restore order, to crush corruption and Make California Golden Again for future generations.

LEARN MORE...There is a great deal of information on the internet about Erin Cruz, her outreach, community activism, published books and her platform. Go to for more information.

Cat Moy 7 Oct 2019

Cat Moy












Councilwoman Catherine Moy

Catherine Moy was born and raised in Fairfield, California. Her parents were also raised in Fairfield. Catherine graduated from Fairfield High School and attended Solano Community College before transferring and receiving her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Communication, Journalism from Hayward State College.
Following graduation from college, Catherine worked for the Daily Republic in Fairfield. She held the positions of editorial assistant, political and county reporter, feature columnist, and assistant city editor. From 2002 to 2008, Catherine worked as a columnist and freelance reporter for The Reporter in Vacaville. She also worked as a freelance writer for national magazines and various newspapers. During her career, Catherine received numerous awards and recognition from local, state, and national newspaper associations.
In 2005, Catherine began volunteering for Move America Forward, a non-profit organization that supports American troops serving overseas, and was appointed Executive Director of the organization in 2007. Catherine investigated, reported, and co-authored American Mourning, a best-selling book about two families whose lives changed dramatically after their sons were killed in Iraq.
Catherine has done volunteer work with children through Girl Scouts, youth sports, equestrian, and the arts. She has also been an active volunteer with the Loyal Order of Moose and served as a lay minister to Holy Spirit Church, serving sick, elderly, and terminally ill residents in Fairfield.
Catherine was appointed to the Fairfield City Council in October of 2008, following the death of City Councilmember Frank Kardos, and was elected to another term in 2009, 2014, and 2018.
Catherine and her husband, also a native of Fairfield, have been married for over 20 years and have one teenage daughter.
1) Cat Moy, Councilwoman for City of Fairfield
(Copied from City of Fairfield website)

Kevin Kiley 5 Aug 2019

Kevein Kiley









Assemblyman Kevin Kiley
"Protecting our area's water resources, managing our forests, and stopping any additional tax increases will be among my highest priorities, as well as advancing legislation that improves public safety."

Assemblyman Kevin Kiley represents the Sixth District in the California State Assembly. His parents arrived in the area in 1982, his father a physician and his mother a special education teacher. They settled in Orangevale and then Granite Bay, where they raised Kevin and his three siblings with the values of hard work, faith, and fidelity to family and community.

After graduating from Harvard, Kevin followed in his mother's footsteps to become a teacher. He taught 10th-grade English at a high school in South Central Los Angeles, where he chaired the English department and led his students to significant academic gains. Wanting to give his students the same opportunity he had at Granite Bay High School, Kevin also started an award-winning speech and debate team. Dozens of students found their voice through the program, competing in top tournaments throughout the state and graduating to some of California's best universities.

Kevin went on to Yale Law School. He passed the California bar and joined Irell & Manella, where he represented individuals and businesses in high stakes litigation. Later, as a Deputy Attorney General, Kevin represented the People of California in cases involving convicted felons. Kevin and his business partner, former U.S. Congressman Doug Ose, own and operate Ose-Kiley Cattle.

Elected to the California State Assembly in 2016, Kevin has won statewide acclaim for his legislation to expand parental choice for underserved students, ensure impartial descriptions of ballot initiatives, and end the practice of government double taxation. He serves as Vice Chair of the Assembly Education Committee and of the Privacy and Consumer Protection Committee, and is a member of the Public Safety Committee, Governmental Organization Committee, Judiciary Committee, and Higher Education Committee.

Dilenna Harris 3 Jun 2019

Dilenna Harris

Dilenna Harris

As a child, there were two things the daughter of Master Sergeant Dan and Barbara Hughes knew for sure – First, service would always be a part of her life. Second, Vacaville would always be home.

Today, Dilenna Harris continues her commitment to service on the Vacaville City Council and through the numerous non-profit organizations that have benefitted from her leadership through the years. From promoting economic development as Chair of the Vacaville Chamber of Commerce, to protecting veterans and Travis Air Force Base as Chair of the Travis Regional Armed Forces Committee, there’s no doubt about Dilenna’s service to her hometown.

As an entrepreneur, Dilenna blazed new trails for women in the construction industry, creating good local jobs and becoming one of the first women to earn the prestigious designation of Western Regional Master Builder Designation. As a non-profit executive, Dilenna created and instituted development programs for a respected education system and repeated her successes at the Solano County Library Foundation. Eventually, Dilenna was recruited by a major regional health care system to lead their efforts in community involvement.

As a City Councilmember, Dilenna tackles issues head-on. She’s pushed for fiscal responsibility while protecting services, for crime prevention and for new economic development – new jobs for our workforce. As a member of the Council during one of the nation’s worst recessions, Dilenna helped the City weather the storm while continuing to provide much needed services.

Through her work, volunteer service and public service on the City Council, Dilenna continues to promote life-long learning and literacy for young people. She’s building partnerships between business, non-profits and government agencies to share resources and boost the value of every penny of tax dollars. She was recently recognized for her work as Woman of the Year in the 3rd Congressional District.

Dilenna and her husband, Rob, a 37-year member of IBEW, raised three children here in Vacaville, and are enjoying life as grandparents to their seven grandchildren.


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