Kathryn McCormick 3 Apr 2017

Detective McCormick
Detective Kathryn McCormick has been with the Fairfield Police Department for 15 years.  She began her career as a patrol officer in 2001.  After several years on patrol Det. McCormick was transferred to the Special Operations Division.  As the Special Operations officer Det. McCormick acted as a liaison between the police department and other departments within the city during planning meetings for proposed developments throughout the City of Fairfield.  She was later promoted to Corporal and returned to patrol.  In 2015 Det. McCormick was selected to the Investigations Division where she began as a property crimes detective.  In February 2017 she moved over to the Family Violence Unit and is now responsible for investigating crimes against children, sexual assaults, and domestic violence.
She also holds several collateral assignments within the Fairfield Police Department as well.  She has been a member of the Crisis Negotiation Team for over 10 years and is currently an assistant team leader for that group.  Det. McCormick is also a member of the Major Accident Investigation Team (MAIT) and assists in traffic collision reconstruction for major injury and fatal collisions that occur within the City of Fairfield.  Along with those duties she is also a Press Information Officer which includes being a member of the Fairfield Police Department’s social media team, and is a NRA certified Refuse To Be A Victim instructor.
Det. McCormick will use her knowledge as a Refuse To Be A Victim instructor, and her 15 years of police experience, to provide us with tips on personal safety at home, while on the internet, and provide us with things to think about while out in public.